Weekly Message from the Pastor - Mar. 16, 2018

March 16, 2018


Dear Friends,


What are some of the memorable meals that you’ve had in your life? A meal at a wedding, a Thanksgiving feast, a meal where you learned you got the job? We may even remember what was served. These meals mark significant changes in our lives.


This Sunday, we will reflect on a memorable meal that signifies an act of freedom by God, which rescued a people from slavery. It is a dramatic moment in the life of God’s people and is a meal that they will never forget. This meal reminds us of a meal that we, as followers of Jesus Christ, receive that also offers us freedom; and in a meal in which we are called to remember – who we are as people of God, and what God has done for us.


I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday. Yesterday, I attended a seminar on ways to deepen our faith. The presenter talked about reaching out to people who do not know God. One of the most effective ways to help them begin their journey of faith, is to invite them to join you in worship. Is there a neighbor, friend, acquaintance, or relative who you might ask? As you walk with them in taking those beginning steps; the time around Holy Week and Easter can provide opportunities to hear the stories and discover what they mean for their lives.


Yours in Christ,