Weekly Message from the Pastor - Apr. 20, 2018

April 20, 2018

Dear Friends,

What kind of relationship are you describing when you call someone a “friend?” Is this term used for a casual acquaintance that you see periodically? Or someone you see regularly? Maybe this true friend is someone who has journeyed with you during difficult times.  Or someone who you may not see very often, but when you do meet, it is as if time has never passed; you pick up the conversation without skipping a beat.   Who is a true friend to you?  

It may come as no surprise that Jesus offers his own definition of a true friend, (John 15: 9-17) on which we will reflect this Sunday. What does his vision of true friendship look like? Based on his teachings, would you consider yourself a true friend? How does being a true friend help shape the church community? After reflecting on Jesus’ teachings, how are we becoming a true friend?

I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday. Tomorrow, 4/21, the trustees are inviting us to join them in a church clean-up day from 9:00am to noon. I hope you will join in as “many hands make light work.”   We extend a “Thank You” to the trustees and volunteers for the many ways they care for the buildings and grounds, making Buckhall UMC a welcoming place.

Yours in Christ,