Sharing Expertise

Buckhall’s congregants have a broad variety of experience and interests that not offer care to others beyond our doors, but to members of our community.  We provide volunteer leadership for the ministries and operations of our church.  We invite you to join in our fellowship of service.


Volunteers work together to ensure that the church buildings and grounds are well maintained and that they present a well-tended appearance for all congregants’ to be proud of and to enjoy.  They plan and schedule any maintenance repairs or upgrades that are required for the buildings, organize work parties to address minor maintenance projects using the talents of parishioners on the committee, and oversee contractors work when outside help is needed.

Those with an interest in and knowledge of building maintenance, gardening and interior design are welcome to join in these efforts.  Those who enjoy planting, landscaping, planning and caring for gardens find natural involvement here.


Keeping those in the greater Manassas community informed about Buckhall’s programs and ministries requires journalistic, PR, photographic, marketing and technological skills.  We produce a weekly newsletter, maintain this website, alert congregants to weekly information via e-mail, publicize concerts and our youth programs, and provide information for our Sunday bulletin.  We welcome assistance in each of these areas.


Members of Buckhall provide financial oversight of our budgets and projects supported by the annual Every Member Pledge Campaign.  The Finance Board oversees disbursements of funds that enable the parish to more completely fulfill its mission.  The Board accepts gifts and bequests and oversees investment policies as well as the distribution of funds.  These committees determine their own meeting schedules.


This committee looks for ways to strengthen our understanding of, and commitment to, stewardship as intentionally serving each other and our community through sharing of our time and talent, as well as giving of our treasure.